OverTheWire — Narnia Walkthrough

Solving Narnia level 0–1


A *nix machine is required, or access to a bash shell. Also, basic programming knowledge is required to understand the scripts created for each level. Sometimes you will have to create a bash script for exploiting different vulnerabilities, so scripting knowledge is required as well.

Getting Started

To start solving the first challenge, you first need to connect to level 0. The connection is realized through secure shell. The authors are telling us that we need to connect to narnia.labs.overthewire.org using narnia0 username. The password for this user is also narnia0, but for the coming challenges, the passwords are different than the usernames, and we will have to solve some security puzzles in order to get these passwords. Also, the authors are saying that we need to use port 2226, so the syntax for connecting to the first level is the following: ssh narnia0@narnia.labs.overthewire.org -p2226 The system will prompt us to insert the password. Insert narnia0. Voila, you’re now logged into narnia level.

Solving the challenge

The authors are not offering us any clue on how to solve this challenge. The only helpful information is that the data for solving the levels can be found in /narnia/. So let’s navigate there:



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